1. You become brave

There will be no one except you to ask for a way, information or just help from a total stranger. Speak out and the world will help you. You will accept crazy challenges more easily cause you regret nothing.

2. You learn to trust your gut feeling

The voice of reason in the back of our heads is almost always right. Whenever it is a new job that you are offered or proposals you get for doing crazy stuff out there. Gut feeling will always help you in making your decisions.

3. You are not afraid to be alone anymore

I have to admit that I couldn’t live alone for a long time back home. It just didn’t work out. And my biggest fear was to end up being alone all the time. But now I feel awesome. I don’t have to fill up my  free time with other people all the time because I just love being by myself and that’s what feeds my soul here every day.


4. You meet new people

I do miss my friends back home but at some point we grew up, finished universities and our interests became different. Besides 80% of my best friends moved away from Estonia. So I really missed meeting new people who will have same interests as I have right now. Discussing new destinations and ways of traveling… this is the conversation I enjoy having here. And I have already met such amazing souls here, it makes me feel so happy.

5. You learn how to let go 

This was the main thing in my life that kept distracting me all the time. I thought that someone else will make me happy and loved, so I wouldn’t need to learn how to love myself first. Traveling means living in a moment  and you know that whoever you will meet here has it’s own dream to follow. You won’t make any promises and enjoy each moment spent together just how it is. No regrets, no hope, just the moment right now.

6. You learn how to say NO

There will be no one who will stand for you cause you travel alone and you are totally responsible for everything you do here. Getting drunk alone with people you don’t trust- NO. Working in a place where no one respects your work and you – NO..

7. You realize how strong you are

Traveling alone is not the easiest thing to do. You will get lost at least once, you won’t have someone else watching your back, and sometimes, you’re going to feel lonely. Getting treated like you are no one, working hard under the heat long hours, having no one to hug…

But you know what? You get through all of it and come out on the other side realizing just how much you are able to handle on your own.


8. You invest in yourself more

I work here 40-48 hours per week (more than back home) and still have so much free time for everything. Reading books, meditating, painting, writing, doing sports… whatever used to make me happy once.

I wasted so much time on other people back home. On people who will never say thank you and I am happy that I am finally here… having my own time. It feels as If I was asleep the whole time and now it’s time to start living finally.

9. You learn how to enjoy each moment

You don’t care anymore where you will be in one year on two. The only time you have is right now. You learn how fun it is to just accept everything that life has for you. Living in a moment is so peaceful. It’s like having an endless meditation in your soul.

10. You stop comparing yourself to others

You will not think anymore if you have achieved enough comparing to the people of the same age- classmates, friends or whoever you have. There is no rules for this life here. It’s so easy to control masses if they think and live the same way.  Finishing school, graduating university, finding a great job, gaining 2-3 years of experience in each company, finding a partner and creating a family. Sorry, but I will not go for this… I will create my own story.

11. You discover who were your real friends

On my first month of traveling I had many setbacks that made me feel lonely and sad.
Luckily I had some of my friends supporting me day-by-day. And there are some friends who faded away as soon as I stepped on my airplane and flew away. And I guess it is better this way. Some people are meant to stay forever and some of them only for couple of years, months or days. But we will still have all our memories and that’s what counts the most.


12.  You realize that silence is golden

You don’t have someone around to constantly talk to on a solo trip, so you’ll find yourself sitting in silence at moments throughout the day. And you start loving it.