I bet we all have our imagination of foreign countries before we arrive somewhere new. Well this is what surprised me after 3 months of living in Australia.

1. Fruits are very expensive

I assumed that this green country will have lots of cheap fruits at the supermarkets but unfortunately it turned out to be opposite. Fresh fruits are very expensive here.

2. They drink a lot of flavoured milk

Sausage roll and flavoured milk is the most common breakfast combination I see at the roadhouse. Every second customer buys flavoured milk. Here is why I would be concerned about drinking that flavoured milk every day :

“Some milk drinks contain up to three times the caffeine hit found in a regular cup of coffee, new research shows.

The findings are a wake-up call to parents who buy flavoured milk, believing the drinks are healthy.”

3. Smokes are bought by the quantity

Another odd thing that I discovered apart the fact that smokes are very expensive here is that people buy them by the quantity not by brand. The most typical question is „ Do you have anything in 30-s ?“. I don’t really get it cause you really don’t save anything if you buy packet of 40’s instead of 20’s.

JPS 26’s = 25,8 AUD

Winfield 30’s = 35,5  AUD

Peter Jackson 30’s = 35,5 AUD

Long Beach 40’s = 45 AUD

4. They love toasties

HCT, CCT – these are the shortened names for Ham Cheese Tomato and Chicken Cheese Tomato toasted sandwiches which they really love and order quite often.

5. Drinking with straws

Someone buys a coke ? Don’t forget to tell him where the straws are, cause they use them whenever they drink any kind of flavoured milk, soda or any other drink.

6. White tea and Flat white coffee

Every time someone orders tea I have to ask if they want it with milk cause that’s how they usually drink tea here.

They drink a Flat White coffee and for the ones who haven’t heard anything about it, here is sth for you to read: 

What Is A Flat White Coffee? 


7. Walking around barefoot ? nothing special

I see a lot of people coming to the roadhouse without any shoes and once there was a woman wearing robe. I wonder if they ever get cut.

8. Australia can be freezing

I didn’t take any proper jacket along with me which was a big mistake. It is freezing at night and once the real summer is over you will be “enjoying” heavy rainfalls. 

I imagined that it will be sunny here all year long, which let’s be honest, was a bit silly thing to assume. They still have a winter and a summer.