I guess most of my friends know how I love reading books. So on my leaving party I got this book named

Everyday Enlightenment: The Essential Guide to Finding Happiness in the Modern World by Gyalwang Drukpatravel book inspiration

I thought it was another easy meditative book, that will keep my mind clear during my travels but in the end it turned out to be so much more than that. This book helped me more than twice in making decisions here.

What is it about ?

Everyday Enlightenment is an inspirational guide to finding happiness by taking in the beauty right in front of you. Leading Himalayan Buddhist His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa walks with you along your path and teaches you that: there is peace in recognizing that we are all connected.

  • Positive influences are closer than you think.
  • In order to inspire others, you need to find inspiration in your life.
  • And, what we think, we become.

Bringing ancient wisdom into the modern world, Everyday Enlightenment teaches through stories and example, showing you how to let go of your ego and stress, turn anger into compassion, and transform your fears into courage.


In fact Cameron Diaz listed Everyday Enlightenment as one of her top 2012 reads: “We live in such a fast paced world it’s easy not to take time to tend to your inner self, but it is necessary to take a moment and be still in mind and body, to be more conscious of the way that we are engaging with the world around us. Using teachings from the Buddhist philosophy, Everyday Enlightenment gives you practical tools to deal with the everyday challenges of being human in our modern society.”

The Gyalwang Drukpa

How this book influenced me ?

So what happened was that I have been reading this book for exactly 2 months now. Whenever I faced any obstacles here or my mind was full of messy thoughts I just grabbed the book and kept on reading it. And each time I was so surprised that the current chapter was just about the problem I had to deal with. Magic!

And I also discovered browsing the website that they have Spiritual Practice Centres in Asia. 😀

That’s even more surprising because over couple of weeks now, I couldn’t stop thinking about a place where I could just go in Asia and be a part of spiritual enlightenment. And today I discovered that this is a place where I have to go. In fact they have lots of events coming in the countries that are on my list.

I believe in signs and this is definitely one of them. Thank you Liisa and Enelis for this gift!