Money comes, money goes.


Luckily I saved some money for this trip during my last months in Estonia. Some of the savings were spent before leaving (plane tickets, visa, electronic devices, health insurance, new passport, dentist etc.) and other left for the first weeks here.

I know that all of you who want to move to Australia end up with this question – How Much Money Do I Need to start my new life in Australia?

Well hopefully, here is some useful information for you that helps! (Please be aware, that these prices were fixed in november 2016)



That´s very expensive here if you compare it to Estonia. I bought SIM card for 2 AUD and charged it with 30 AUD  (includes 1.5 GB of day DATA and 1.56 GB night DATA), also calls and text messages. Even though there is wifi in most of the places you visit, you will still need data to use google maps and search information online while you are moving around. I used all my data in 10 days. That’s why I chose now a package for 50 AUD (28 days) and it has 4 GB of day data and 4 GB night data. I use Telstra mobile operator (it works well also in rural areas).



Hostels are quite expensive here and it’s way better to live with the people you know. I paid 150 AUD per week in a house with my own room.

ACCOMMODATION in total 150 each week


My Toyota Camry 95 cost 1700 AUD but I bought it eventually for 1250 AUD.

Registration in Transport Department cost 49 AUD and REGO (registration is until 31 december so I until that time I don’t have to worry about that (but for 3 months I have to pay 189 AUD).

I use unleaded fuel 91 and it is 1,3 AUD per litre here.

CAR in total 1299 AUD + fuel + REGO




I had to buy some clothes for the farm work:

Hat with a rip (bought it from the working clothes shop) 13 AUD

Pants (with knee pads) 30 AUD

Hi-Viz long sleeved shirt 12 AUD

Workboots enclosed 34 AUD

High socks  2 AUD

It turned out that pants were too thick for my work and I bought leggings for 8 AUD.

Most of the clothes were bought in K-Mart and Target. Some backpackers find a lot of cheap clothes in Charity shops that are all over the town.

CLOTHES in total 99 AUD


Here are some basic prices for each product (Coles,  Spudshed, Woolworths are the cheapest here in this area)

Eating at the café – fish and chips-  15,4 AUD

Eggs 12 pcs – 2,99 AUD

Mango (1 pc) – 1,99 AUD

Tomato (1kg) – 1,49 AUD

Ham (1kg) – 14,50 AUD

Mushrooms (1kg) – 11 AUD

Potatoes (1kg) – 2,5 AUD

Onions (1kg) – 3,0 AUD

Chicken breast (400 gr) – 7,13 AUD

Orange juice 100% (2 litres) – 4,29 AUD

Feel free to comment and ask anything!