This has been a long way when I made my first plan for Australia (almost 9 months ago).

And now I´m finally here in Moscow, ready to take my next flight to Hong Kong. And here are the main things I would like to share with you, If you are about to make the same step in your life:

1. Make a budget plan for (check out how much money will you actually need):

  • Plane tickets
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Equipment (light notebook, mobile phone, backpack etc.)
  • First days or weeks on arrival (you may want to take a rest for a while at first).

There is so many possibilities to reduce your everyday living costs. Maybe you can use public transportation possibilites for a while (in Tallinn it´s free!), rent a room somewhere cheap, spend less money on the things you don´t need (fancy clothes, weekend parties, alcohol etc.). You can live a normal life spending less!

Don´t forget to stick to your plan!

2. Check your documents

  • Passport validity
  • Driving license – get your International Driving Permit

3. Make some research (city, possibilities)

  • What is your destination city – is it easy to find a job there, would the climate be good for you, maybe you have any friends there?
  • Resume – prepare one before leaving.

4. Emotional stability

  • Read some books that will inspire you to travel
  • Stay away from the people who will hold you back
  • Don´t start any relationships – be honest with the ones who may fall in love with you- because you have a plan to leave.

5. Find a place where to stay on your first days

  • You may rent a room for a couple of weeks (check out renting groups on Facebook, etc.)
  • Book a hostel (you will meet many international people there)
  • Meet locals through
    • Make a reasearch (about the hosts, their references, interests etc.)
    • Write a letter to the hosts (why you would like to meet this person, about yourself, your interests, why are you traveling there)
    • Connect them on whatsapp (ask their phone number and home address)
    • Always have a plan B (some of your hosts may have some changes in their plans and they will not be able to host you)

6. Be respectful to others

  • Some people are overcoming difficult periods in their lives and they may not have a chance to save money for traveling even if they would really love to do so. Try not to show off.

7. Be thankful

  • You will meet so many people, who are doing the same thing as you are. Open your heart and mind to the ones, who are walking the same path and you will realize how easy it is to make this huge step in your life.

8. Organize a leaving party

  • You may not see your friends every day, but they will surely be very happy to have a chance to say goodbye and give you some good advice. Believe me, you will feel more confident after this party, because you know that they always will support you!

9. Pack your stuff

  • Make a list of the things you need. Check out my tips here: TIPS FOR PACKING
  • Pack all your other stuff that you will leave at home into  vacumbags – they will stay fresh longer 🙂

10. Don´t stress – be positive!

  • What doesn’t kill us- makes us only stronger, you can do it! Follow your heart!