I left farmwork and decided to try hospitality job.

About my work

I started working at the Roadhouse which could be called back home as a „fuel station“.
I assumed that main responsibilities would be serving customers and selling goods that we have but it turned out to be so much more.


  • Bakery – pies, sausages, pasties, kebabs, dim sims, toasted sandwiches, Fish and Chips, restaurant meals etc.
  • Chinese food – in the evening our chef from Philippines prepares Chinese food which we sell as a take away food.
  • DVD rental – for 7 $ and 4 $ I didn’t expect it to be so popular here.
  • If someone wants to take the shower, then we also have a service for that.
  • Swapping gas bottles
  • Oils and other products for cars
  • Car parts
  • Food (ice cream, milk, chips, chocolate, drinks, candies (in australian it’s lollies)
  • Cleaning everything


How much do I earn?

I work every day and have had 3 days off in these 2 months. As we only get 5,5 hours per day, It’s not really that difficult. Overall I get 40-45 hours per week.
On the weekdays I earn 22,7 $ and on the weekends 27 $ (before taxes).

Where do I live?

I used to share the house/shed with a previous girl here for 2 weeks, then I lived alone for 1,5 months and now 2 scottish girls moved in who also started working here.
I paid 150 $ bond when I moved in and now I pay 100 $ rent weekly.
I have my own tidy room, shared bathroom and kitchen, TV and I can rent movies from the roadhouse for free whenever I want to.



Early mornings are only on the weekends starting from 5.45 am. Then I have to prepare Salad Rolls, Salad Sandwiches, Wraps, Ham Cheese Tomato toasties, Bacon and Egg toasties, cutting bread that we bake and ofcourse serving customers all the time.
Morning shifts are usually at 9 am – 2.30 pm. Starts with cleaning toilets, preparing trays for the breakout (bakery stuff), checking the milk and stocking the shelves. Stocking drinks, doing the breakout. Preparing chips and other bakery stuff if anyone orders (toasties are popular).
Evening shifts are between 2.30 pm – 8 pm. Starting with coffee machine cleaning, sweeping all the floors, washing all the dishes including trays that we replace with the clean ones for Chinese food. washing the floor, wiping the shelves, washing dishes again and bakery display.

About the job

The owner and his wife live at the same house and they usually come and help if it gets very busy. They also see everything we do from the cameras.
The most stressful part of it is when it gets busy and people fuel their cars on 7 pumps at the same time. I can see cars from the cameras but I also have to serve all the customers who order some food at the same time.
And ofcourse some people forget where did they fill up and then It gets a bit fussy.
I think the most difficult thing about this job was to learn all these sandwiches and little things.
For example It’s very important to put tomatoes while doing burgers in the middle of the bun and cheese just after sauce. Spinach has to be the last thing I put when doing wraps, cause It’s much easier to roll them after and cut, If I do so.
Washing the floors starts with halfly wet mop (soak process) and then dry mop (2 times usually).
It’s also a bit confusing when people come and pay for their fuel with the fuel cards. Process is different from the normal card transaction. The most annoying thing is that they don’t scan anything through the till… we have lots of buttons and some products have their unique price to remember.  So it took me couple of weeks to remember everything until I felt confident there.

Overall, I think they have their own way of doing things for everything and you just have to stay humble and learn. So I just wrote and drew down everything on (10 sheets of paper) I could including the position of the bakery pies on the trays.

What do I do on my free time ?

I spend a lot of time alone but It’s sth that I needed to be honest. Away from everything. Another great thing is that I work almost every day, so I don’t have any chance to spend my money.

I don’t usually go to the pub 🙂 I prefer reading books, running, painting and meditating.

On my first arrival day here, I felt comfy and even though this town is in the middle of nowhere, I still like it. People are friendly and I feel good here.