Art has always been part of my life and personality. Started with basic knowledge at art school many years ago and eventually it became my meditation time and special way of letting all my emotions go. Wherever I travel, canvas and paint is always with me.

Have studied at art school, attended many summer camps, Estonian Art Academy preuni courses and even studied art in one of the univesities located in London for a short time.

In my early years I was drawn to an artist Salvador Dali who mainly created surreal art. I got mainly inspired from my dreams and just let all emotions flow.

Now mainly doing art focusing on spiritual aspect of life. Mandalas are the portals to new dimensions, so I love creating them. Fluid art and dotting art are my new experiments that I am currently trying out.

Here’s some paintings and other creations through my whole life.

Surreal and emotional style

Art courses & practice

Portraits & Gifts made

Spiritual art


Fluid art

Mandala art

Dotting art

Wall art