This was my second trekking in Australia.

I had a plan to to take a trip to Mt Trio with my friend but we decided to change our plan and headed to Mt Hassell. They are both in Stirling Range National Park.

How I prepared?

I woke up at 5 in the morning and packed my stuff. There was nothing really to take along except 1 liter of water, some fruits, sunscreen, hat and a camera. I don’t have any special equipment jet. So I had my running shoes, jumper, scarf and regular sport outfit.
We started driving at 6 in the morning and it took 1,5 hours from our hometown to reach the car park.

I made some research about national park here:

About it’s species and nature here:

In fact I really love this website as you can search by an address or location  recorded species nearby.

About Mt Hassell

Height: 847m
Length:  3km
Time: 2-4 hours
Trail Classification: Class 4 (Moderately difficult)
Date Hiked: 07 nd January 2017

How we reached the summit ?

The road was pretty easy in the beginning. But after 5 minutes I started sweating like hell even though the weather was foggy and it wasn’t hot or anything.

There were some points where we had to climb the rocks and I got a bit scared of the height but I was lucky not to be alone there.

It took about 1,5 hours to reach the summit and we didn’t stop even for a second. I reached the top being totally wet and exhausted, but happy 🙂

We found Geocache box

This box had a guide, some personal stuff that previous people had left before and a notebook. The idea of it is to leave a note that you found it. I decided to leave a note and draw a bit 🙂


About Geocache

Geocaching is a treasure hunt with something for everyone. Using map coordinates and a GPS enabled device, you can find a geocache near your home, in the city, in the bush or in Antarctica.
Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes too. You can find a tiny little one as small as your fingernail, or a huge geocache with exciting ‘treasures’ inside. It can be as easy or as hard as you like to make it. You can drive up to your geocache and spot it from the car, or you can choose to hike for miles up and down mountains in the snow in search of that elusive container.

Stunning view and peace

It’s just incredible feeling to be on top in the clouds. Windy, chilly and quiet.

On our way back I took some photos of stunning nature and view.

At 11.30 I was already at home and prepared for work which started at 13.00.

Love trekking!