So what is Confest?

I’m going take you to my world of genuine happiness that I was embraced with on one of the purest festivals I’ve ever been to. It’s named Confest and has been held ever since 1976. It’s a new age spiritual event.
Between 6,000 and 8,000 people gather on a river flat in the Australian outback.

There’s  no official event up on Facebook and it’s not advertised. Though each year, ca 7000 people meet up and spend this magical week in the middle of nowhere.

I heard about this festival when I was in Melbourne and took a trip along with other travelers to The Twelve Apostles. They told me that this is  going to be a lifechanging experience, and it was.

So here I was …. found some random other people who kindly shared a lift and packed my things to get out of the city for a long weekend. It takes 9,5 hours from Sydney by car to get there, so we had to spend on night in the mountains of Canberra along our trip.

We got to the festival the next day around 4 pm… It was in the middle of nowhere and even my phone agreed with that showing  “0” reception.  Well, it is what it is, I guess I have to trust this new experince and detach myself for these next days from everything. Bring it on, I’m ready for you Confest.

The venue itself was in Moulamein, surrounded by a cute little river running through the campsites and the ground was dusty and dry from the heat of Australia. Everyone were trying to get their things transported to the campground as there was a separate parking and camping area. So that’s how it was organised:


I just love how openminded approach they had for everything. I believe that an average estonian, will definitely think “omg, really, that’s how they organised it ? “.

No stress, this is how it was, and I absolutely love evertyhing about this festival. If you feel that the start for you has already been a bit too much, stop reading and continue with whatever you were doing before. I’m not trying to convince anyone in anything. I’m just sharing my experinece with people who are ready for sth new and are a bit more open than an average person in this world.

*Love and Peace*


They had different campground and “villages” that you could choose from. I will bring out some examples (please be aware that the description behind each village is my interpretention):

  • Tranquility and Bliss – no alcohol, no smoking, no meat
  • Uncertainty  –  more for the ones who were interested in psychology
  • Permaculture – make it yourself
  • Aboriginals 
  • Polyvillage – if you believe that having multiple partners is okay
  • Arts – people of music and art
  • Rainbow – always smiling

Each village had it’s own shared kitchen were you could volunteer a bit and get fed by other confesters. It was all based on “sharing and caring” mentality.

First emotions

I tried to find a place where to leave  my stuff with other mates and was hoping that by the end of the night I will figure out where I’m going to sleep as I didn’t have a tent and a friend who organised the whole camping gear arrived to the festival on the next day. So there I was.. K-Mart was all out of stock in Sydney so at that point I was pretty much hoping for a luck.

We couldnt do much on the first day as the sun was already going down and all the workshops had already ended. But luckily  they had lots of enetertainment along the stages. Fireshows, Silent Disco etc.

I just couldn’t ignore the vibes of their Silent Disco as it reminded my trip to India that I had 4 years ago and I knew, that I have to be in that tent and enjoy the party. It was so wierd, me who has never been huge fan of Psychedelic Techno music, trying to reach the sky, jamming in my own inner world of freedom.

Spending the whole night on the festival on my own is not sth that describes my wild personality… but it’s hard to explain why… I just felt totally united and didn’t want to share these emotions and feelings  to anyone. This festival was meant to feel more united with myself.


I ended up sleeping under the start in one of these Yoga grounds where they had soft pillows and ground. And I was totally fine with that. I still had my matress and soft quilt.


This festival is also known for its large range of workshops. There was at least 15 different workshops happening all over the festival  ground at the same time.

Anyone was free to hold a workshop, all of which were written on large chalkboards in the middle of the site. Workshops are held at various locations in areas with names like ‘Tranquility and Bliss,’ ‘Goddess Reawakening,’ Polyvillage’,‘Arts Village.’

Scanning the chalkboards I was so overwhelmed by the impressive selection of workshops and activities for the following day.



The workshops that I took where following:

  • Sacred Geometry
  • Feminine and Masculine energy
  • Tantra
  • Women sexuality
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
  • Create your own Dreamcatcher
  • Learn Palm Reading
  • Life drawing session
  • Kirtan music
  • Kundalini Yoga

All these workshops were stunningly informative and ejoyable. The feeling of being united to other likeminded souls and the nature that surrounded us out there – it’s hard to put all this in words.

I would like to point out Tantra workshop where we had one session of staring into another person eyes for 5 minutes. This is unbelievably powerful experience. I have been wondering about it pretty often recently. People are afraid to look into each other eyes and now I know why…. cause this is a reflection of their souls.


The variety of workshops was amazing. You can learn how to play African drums or how to do fire performances with the torches or learn Aboriginal dance. I didn’t have a chance to join Clay workshop where they taught how to build Clay Huts and all sorts of other things.

Apart from that they even had a Sauna out there on this festival and the way it was built was impressive. So I had a chance to take a proper shower between the trees, go to Sauna and use proper amenities.

It’s not just a festival

I believe this festival has opened me in so many ways to become more balanced, true to myself and happy in whatever situation. We have to overcome our fear of being like others and following the “rules of life”.

This festival was about dressing however you like and some were even naked and they felt absolutely okay.

Those people out there who are so united to the nature and talented in art, music and any other acitvities are the purest souls I have ever seen.



Following photos were taken by other Confesters and they are my absolutely favourites: