Welcome to GetLostBeFree solo female travel blog!

We all seek for that “something” special in our lives that fills our souls and gives a meaning to our everyday life. Traveling is something that gives a huge meaning to my life and I would like to share the experiences with all of You!

How I decided to make this step?

I´m 23 year old woman from a small European country named Estonia. My urge to travel has risen ever since my trip to India in 2015. But I decided not to leave Estonia before graduating BA International Business and Economics and gaining a bit work experience in different fields. And that’s what I did.

Serious detailed plan was made on my next trip to Thailand in 2016. That’s where the energy and wanderlust of backpackers inspired me even more to change my life completely – leaving my job, home, family, friends and everything that seems to be so difficult to be apart of.

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself on a daily basis. Dealing with the challenges that I normally wouldn’t in my everyday life.

I will use this small piece of the big web to tell you a bit more about the places through which we are wandering around. Hope that I will discover you a great spots and that you will hit the road and meet different people and cultures, taste the food from all over the world, do something new and exciting every day and dream about the future destinations. Traveling is my biggest inspiration and I will use it here on my blog to inspire you to go and meet the world…